Our success arises from our planned corporate culture. We create the textile production concept of the future not only in our thoughts, but also with maximum efficiency by putting the long, medium and short-term plans into action. After the process planning and the selection of the technology we will apply, the preliminary studies we apply constitute the main source of our one hundred per cent success.


In fabric cutting, the first and most important step of production, we combine first-class service with advanced vision and innovative processes. With the unique experience of Tugi Kids experts, state-of-the-art automatic cutter and pastel laying machines make it possible to cut 15,000 pieces per day.


We process this centuries-old art with the unique touches of our expert professionals. In the sewing processes that we apply with care and precision, we create flawless pieces using high-tech machines. Each stitch is a part of a fascinating change. Under the leadership of our sewing team, our interior and exterior sewing processes are carried out with productivity by shaping the trained workforce equipped with machines according to the needs.


By combining multiple combinations in business discipline, we organise all processes as 360. We adopt a healthy and sustainable textile production approach from a single centre and apply cleaning processes free from carcinogenic, chemical substances that can harm the skin. We inspire all over the world for a healthy life and a clean environment.


Our priority is to ensure that our local and global customers experience the highest quality, service and delivery performance with the Tugi Kids experience at its best. Packaging is much more than meets the eye. We perfect the most important part of the supply chain with improved product protection, transport-optimised packaging, environmentally friendly and biodegradable sustainable packaging processes.


By creating dynamic teams in every field we serve, we offer fast and reliable solutions with our experienced and dynamic employees suitable for our product range. With our people-oriented service network, we make the Tugi Kids journey perfect for customers by performing logistics operations at the desired standards.